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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Issues Ruling on 2015 Reimbursement Rates

BEDFORD, Mass., Oct. 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Hologic, Inc. (NASDAQ: HOLX) announced today that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has released reimbursement rates for screening and diagnostic ...

How Obamacare Went South In Mississippi

Demonstrators carried a large check for $8.7 billion that contained the signature of President Barack Obama to represent the amount the federal government would contribute if Mississippi loosened Medicaid eligibility requirements.

How sick are the worlds healthcare systems?

The NHS is in trouble and its chief executive has requested £8bn to save it. But how does Britains system compare with healthcare around the world and what can we learn? From hard-pressed India to highly organised Germany, eight Guardian correspondents report In Lewis Carrolls Through the Looking Glass, Alice finds herself facing a difficult conundrum. Shes running towards a distant hill; yet no ...

More insurance, more health care?

Some doctors limit new patients with Affordable Care Act plans because of lower reimbursements. USA Today reports.

Some doctors wary of taking insurance exchange patients

Now that many people finally have health insurance through the Affordable Care Act exchanges, some are running into a new problem: They can't find a doctor who will take them as patients.

Reality check: There's no easy way to put a lid on healthcare costs

Critics of the 2010 Affordable Care Act complain that it doesn't do much to control the healthcare costs that are becoming unsustainable for families and businesses. In fact, the law does many small things; the latest is the grant program announced last week to teach Medicare and Medicaid...

The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Foundation Pushing Public Awareness of Antibiotic Resistance

The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Foundation, an organization that unites North Texas hospital and industry leaders in advancing quality healthcare in the region, is encouragi

PlushCare, the Virtual Health Concierge, Connects Patients Anywhere With Same-Day, Best in Class Medical Care From ...

PlushCare, the virtual healthcare concierge, today announced that it has emerged from beta to virtually connect any patient with online doctors educated at world-class medical schools Stanford and UCSF. ...

Bad software was not to blame for sending Dallas Ebola patient home

U.S. healthcare has many flaws, faults and failings, but blaming software or “workflow” for not running a basic diagnostic test when circumstances warrant should not be considered one of them.

U.S. Whistleblower Cases Soar in Health and Pharma (Op-Ed)

Neil Getnick is managing partner of the law firm Getnick & Getnick L.L.P. in New York and has handled many whistleblower cases in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Whistleblower laws have been emerging as a prominent part of the healthcare landscape in the United States — and September 2014 provided a good vantage point to see where this trend is heading. Healthcare and pharmaceutical ...


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