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Medicare: Why A Medicare Reformer Resigned?

One of the major figureheads responsible for transforming and virtually revolutionizing the Medicare system under the Obama administration has called it quits. Jonathan Blum is a Medicare director...

The GOP assault on women's health began with the 1976 Hyde amendment | Jill Filipovic

Democrats should stop making deals with conservatives that erode women's health and rights, especially for poor women Frustrated with the government shutdown and Republican shenanigans on the healthcare law? You might want to go back a few decades and blame Henry Hyde, a representative from Illinois, and his conservative cohorts in Congress. They were the lawmakers who laid the groundwork for ...

Steven R. Gerst of SRG Consulting Discusses Health Informatics: Integrating Science and Technology Will be Crucial to ...

Dr. Steven R Gerst is an innovator in the field of Health Informatics, a field that is setting new standards in healthcare. Learn more at: . (PRWeb April 18, 2014) Read the full story at

Exclusive: Biogen prices hemophilia drug on par with older therapies

The move could pressure rivals such as Pfizer Inc to lower prices for existing hemophilia treatments, which provide patients with life-saving infusions of a blood clotting agent, according to doctors and industry analysts. Biogen last month won U.S. and Canadian approval for Alprolix to treat hemophilia B, the more rare form of the condition that affects about 4,000 people in the United States ...

April 15, 2014

Hospital reimbursements are now influenced, in part, by patient satisfaction scores. Read about seven areas to target in your hospital for happier, more satisfied patients.

Johns Hopkins ends strike without deal

Three days of picketing by Johns Hopkins employees ends Friday.

Texas Medicaid holds off on proposed limits for Gilead hepatitis drug

Texas is reconsidering whether to impose strict limits on Gilead Sciences' $84,000 hepatitis C treatment for patients on the state's Medicaid health plan for the poor, at the urging of outside advisers, a state official said on Friday. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission, which oversees Medicaid, had proposed a policy to allow the drug, Sovaldi, to be used mainly for sicker patients ...

Health Department to end prenatal services for pregnant women

Medicaid's shift to managed care begins May 1 with prenatal services moving to private insurers.

NDEV Signs Behar to Board of Directors

Novus Acquisition & Development Corp Novus has executed an agreement to have Victor Behar of Physicians Management Network "PMN" for its Medical Marijuana "MMJ" subsidiary and other ...

'This is how we support one another' Hope Medical Clinic cares for the uninsured

Destin's Hope Medical Clinic does not receive government funding and is instead supported by Okaloosa and Walton counties.


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